Aesthetic and healing treatment

The properties of our seaweeds offer the chance to take advantage of their aesthetic and wellbeing many benefits. It is a natural treatment that adds shine and renews the skin.

The treatment acts progressively and the body responds with a therapeutic action. It is effective against arterial and muscular problems and has an anti-inflammatory and decontracting action.

The seaweed based treatment can be used on a number of parts of the body. It is effective in benefitting joints, back, hands, abdomen, buttocks and thighs – and also brightening and toning the body’s skin (thanks to the right formula of components and active ingredients). 


Algotherapy is a treatment used for combating inflammations and imperfections caused by excessive adipose fat. 

It is used to detoxify the organism and to combat:

  • arthritis and tendinitis of the joints
  • muscular pains and inflammations
  • excessive adipose fat and water retention
  • cellulite with orange peel effect
  • aesthetic problems of the skin...

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